Fix the PzS35 matchmaking

This guide will be more simplistic than the higher tiered guides to keep it easy to understand for newer players. Purple means there is no hit box shells pass through or for other areas there is no chance of doing HP damage by shooting there. This is due to the angle of some pieces and also the location of these pieces either very high on the tank or very low. Use your best judgement when referencing this guide while playing against a PzKpfw 38 t. A few have requested it. Matilda: Historical values: Turret………. Sides…………………………………Rear ………………. Rear ……………….

Straight Outta Supertest: Panzer III Ausf.K

View Full Version : World of Tanks. And I bought an E This TD can be ridiculously fun. Incidentally, any equipment thoughts on the AC 46?

The PZs35 is a great little t3 prem for example, as is the t – both very and with a relatively good gun. and it would be matchmaking you are.

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The 77mm seemed like barely an upgrade over my useful 75mm on the Cromwell and my armor etc still seemed sub par. Should I have used it like a medium scout and ignored using the gun? My Cromwell was often a hunter or even a brawler tank due to it’s amazing speed, responsiveness and decent penning gun but I somehow doubt that the Comet can be as successful against tier IX’s Made by HikageMaru.

For myself it may be that I have a better crew in my Easy 8 but I find the Easy 8 superior to the Cromwell so far.

Today we are introducing a legendary amphibious soviet tank – the PT-76.

Jump to content. After doing some research i see that the pc community has been sayin this for a LONG time. Also, switch to premium ammo against heavier targets.

It might be time to run PzS35 whatever German tier 3 premium tank with the trollish armor and just go absolutely crazy beating up on people.

Jump to content. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: This topic Forums. This topic is locked. In my opinion this tank is good but maximum to tier 4 games. With tier 5 games is very different story, especially when more than half of the tanks are tier 5 and 4 thanks to the new matchmaking system. Its gun is too weak for such games, the speed is an issue too, so its very difficult to find a good role for the PzS35 in games like this.

And yes I know that its a premium tank but I use it mainly to learn 3 of the E crew. And when you cant do nothing or almost nothing in games like this is very difficult to advance in the crew training. I am good player and I awlays try to find good in any situation, but with this tank in tier 5 games I struggle. So if I can suggest to lower the games that it gets to tier 4 it would be great.

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PzS35 – Devs are more concentrated on improving matchmaking, fixing “​lost shells”, improving visualization of penetration zones instead and fixing all.

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The Blitz Post. Dont look at the reason for removal , its a bit wrong. I would credit the guy who made it but I dont know who did it. An even better list along with the approximate cost of buying these tanks for credits you can sell them in 5. Just a cautionary step, do not buy any of these tanks before 19th when we post further news on them.

Check and compare stats, armor, 3D models, tips and tactics for all tanks in the game. List of tanks along with which mods will they get during Mad Games event. Every tank gets 2 mods which cannot be customized.

How is this fun?

Standard Gun Reload Times Nominal: 2. The Pz. S35 f is a German tier 3 premium medium tank. Some of of these French tanks were captured by the German Army. They were later used for training purposes and on secondary fronts. It has good maneuverability and acceleration, which is expected for a medium, and has a quite decent gun for its tier; it will have no problems facing lower-tier tanks.

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It is a premium tank in wot pc. The Blitz Post There are 66 tanks that will become Collector including a lot of tech tree tanks from tier and a few premiums from tier You might be able to sell all tech tree tanks in 5. Tier 3 Tier Tier Tier Tier Only KV13 is the tier 7 in this list You can sell your tier premiums at following rates gold combined. Tech tree tanks from tier that will become Collector and can be sold for sold in 5. Tier 5 gold each gold total Sherman V Pz.

Sflc VK If you have all these tanks in your garage and sell each one of them , you will get over gold.

pz s35 needs preferential matchmaking

Source: PointyHairedJedi. I am convinced this game has the server population to work even with 0 mm with below 1 min. Their business model lies on making people suffering hardcore in some tiers.

pz b2 weak spots.

Jump to content. Hi, as u all know the Pz. S35 German tier 3 Light tank came out today with the new update and I’m really thinking of buying it! Overall stats are better than t as armor is same really but gun is much better in every way, only speed is a bit lower but traverse is awesome! The armour is strong for Tier III, it’s reasonably fast, and the gun quite effective. But, the Pz. S35 does not have preferential matchmaking, and so it has to fight Tier IV tanks very often.

Against Tier IV enemies, the Pz. S35 is nothing special. The S35 is a really fun machine. Good armor, good and fast gun, average speed and bending works fine. Against Tier IV you have to use premium ammo very often but nevertheless you’ll get more credits than you pay for it usually.

Is it worth it? – 34 S35 739(f) Review

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